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Take whatever you remember about the cheerleaders of the 50’s and 60’s and throw it out the window! Those cheerleaders don’t exist anymore. The cheerleader of today is an athlete in every sense of the word. Youth cheerleaders practice and perform during the football season just as the players do. On game day, everyone cheers…100% participation is our motto!

Eagle Point realizes that youth cheerleading is often times the corner stone of a young person’s cheerleading career. Our plan is to give our young cheerleaders the basic skills necessary for an exciting and rewarding experience in the world of cheer! Several of our cheerleaders have gone on to middle school, and continue to grow and strive for high school cheer.



Any child residing within the boundaries of Jackson County School District 9. He/she has to be 7 years old by July 31st and no older than 14 by July 31st. However, we will allow 6 year olds to sign up with a waiver.

Who do we cheer for?


We have 4 divisions:

  • Mighty-Mite - 2nd and 3rd grade (kinder and1st Grade on a waiver)

  • Jr. Pee Wee - 3rd and 4th grade 

  • Pee Wee - 4th grade and 5th grade 

  • Jr. Midgets - 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

7 year old cheerleaders have to cheer in the Mitey-Mite division. Cheerleaders ages 8-14 will be placed accordingly. If a cheerleader has a sibling on a particular football team, every attempt will be made to place the cheerleader on the same team’s cheer squad. 


When Do We Practice?

All cheerleaders will be practicing together starting TBA  (Practice field to be announced later). Starting TBA, cheerleaders will break off into their respective squads to learn their routines and get ready for the football season! It is important to remember that the cheerleaders are part of a team. It is extremely important that they come to all practices and that they are on time. If you are going to miss a practice, it is mandatory that you call your cheer coach. Cheerleaders may be dropped if they start having a number of unexcused absences.

Arriving and Leaving

Cheerleaders must arrive on time and be picked up on time. Coaches cannot be expected to wait for parents that are late. We are all volunteers and we have other responsibilities too!

What Do We Wear to Practice?

Cheerleaders will be required to wear appropriate practice attire (no jeans, no sandals). Tennis shoes or sports shoes MUST be worn for safety reasons during practice. Also for safety reasons, NO JEWELRY is to be worn at practice or games. Don’t get your ears or belly buttons pierced before practice starts. You will not be able to wear them during practice and games, which means they will not have the proper time to heal. Hair needs to be in a ponytail to keep it out of your face. if she is dressed inappropriately she will sit out. 

What Do We Wear At Games?

Each cheerleader will be issued a cheer uniform consisting of a pullover shell, a skirt, pom poms, bodyliner, shoes, socks, bow, and spanks.

For the older ladies, makeup is allowed, but it must be age appropriate and tasteful. If it is not, your coach will ask you to wipe it off.


When and Where Are the Games?

Games are played every Saturday or Sunday on a time rotational basis. Youth Football has a 7 game season. Home games will be played in Eagle Point, at the high school. Away games will include these cities: Ashland, Phoenix/Talent, Grants Pass, Central Point, and Medford. The championship games will be played in Eugene at Autzen stadium.

What Do We Do At Games?

Root on your team, be enthusiastic, and smile! Cheerleaders are positioned in a buffer area between the playing field and the spectators. Cheerleaders will perform a series of pre-determined cheers, basic stunting, and a half-time routine.